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Fort Mifflin is located next to Philadelphia International Airport on the banks of the Delaware River and is just a short drive (10-15 minutes) from anywhere in Philadelphia and can be easily accessed by car, taxi, Uber / Lyft or even by bicycle !!!

SHUTTLE BUSES: Making Time ∞ roundtrip TRANSCENDENTAL SHUTTLE BUS PASSES are now available ! Please purchase a shuttle bus pass for the day you are planning to attend Making Time ∞ at Fort Mifflin (Friday, Saturday or Sunday). If you are planning to take the shuttle all 3 days, please purchase the 3 DAY SHUTTLE BUS PASS. Shuttles will be running from La Chinesca at 1036 Spring Garden St. (directly next to Union Transfer) to Fort Mifflin every 20 minutes on a loop. The first shuttle will depart at 12:30pm and shuttles will run until 3:00am on Friday and Saturday and 12:00am on Sunday (or until everyone has been picked up from Fort Mifflin) !!! Each shuttle bus pass is valid for one roundtrip journey from La Chinesca to Fort Mifflin and back.

You must have a ticket for Making Time ∞ to board the shuttle bus.

A TRANSCENDENTAL shuttle bus journey awaits you !!!!

MT 24

MT 24 MT 24
PARKING: Parking is available for $20 a day at Wally Park - 1 Scott Way, Philadelphia, PA (just down the road from Fort Mifflin) and free roundtrip shuttles will be running each day from 12:00pm-3am between Wally Park and Fort Mifflin.