Zillas on Acid present… NARX IN LOVE

ATTN: slowpokes, hi-hats, clones, drones, chicken sandwiches, sentient magazine clippings, potent mutants, vital minerals, anti-frackers, track-jackers, and camp counselors:

We’re hard at work on our forthcoming Zillas on Acid 12”; in the meantime, things we play out, things we play in: Pyrolator, Tolouse Low Trax, I:Cube, Mamacita, Moscoman–all the good stuff. Plus a deep Dissident cut from Photonz we should all have committed to memory long ago. Zillas on Acid present… NARX IN LOVE

Pyrolator – Ein Weihnachtsmann Kommt In Die Disco
Laila – The Other Me (Deewee dub)
Photonz – Compulsion
Sprutbass – Schengen-Funk Acid Mix (Ayvind Morken Acid remix)
Tolouse Low Trax – Jeidem Fall (Wolf Müller mix)
Peter Power – Sun Sun Damba
Cobby/Mallinder – Vitamin C (Max Pask dub)
Il Est Vilaine – Surf Rider
Gil Scott Heron – Whitey On The Moon (Druzzi’s Edit)
Roman S. Featuring Mamacita – Problemas De Amor
In Flagranti – Where Is Miss Palmer
Afel Diallo – Yele Kae Ye (Jose Marquez remix)
Sparky – Seven Daggers
I:Cube – Un Proton Pour Toi, Un Proton Pour Moi
Cerrone – Funk Makossa (feat Manu Dibango – Todd Edwards remix)
Smlss – This Night
Lindstrøm featuring Grace Hall – Home Tonight (extended version)
Moscoman – Fernandez (Red Axes Remix)
Laraaji – All Pervading (excerpt)

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