Zillas on Acid present… Demon Pudding Vs Bassline Allegiance

HELLO 2017. We get another go at it, Jah Robotech help us all.

Concerned? Digi-dumpster dive a while with your faithful narrators as essential prep for our next gathering in the material realm–your acid fantasies align for Zillas on Acid, Friday, January 6th at the Dolphin Tavern.

Join us, here, in between demonic desserts and aural adherence–that sweet, sick spot we all know as South Zilladelphia.

RIYL: Rhythm Cherubim, Aesthetic Exhaustion, Fiend Folio 7th Edition.

Sympathy Nervous – Spirit of the Bomb
Bullion – It’s No Spirit
Sharif Laffrey – Turn It Up (Acid Dub Not Dub)
Zillas on Acid – The 20th Century Club
Autarkic – Rotation! Rotation! (Red Axes Remix)
Rodion & Mijo – El Futuro
Animal – Aztechno B (Basurto Remix)
Keita Sano – Ah Yeah
Andre Bratten – Trommer Og Bass
Hard Ton – Queer Nation
Krames – Acid Drip
Michael E – Child of God
Acid Arab – “Stil” feat. Cem Yildiz
Dionigi – Eye of Perception
Headman – Roh feat. Stephen Dewaele (Playgroup Remix)
ITSNOTOVER – Brotherhood
Roger Van Lunteren – Hills I Want You

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