TWINSIES MIX 001: In It To Twin It

TWINSIES: In It to Twin It

Separated at birth yet two of a kind, musical brothers from another mother Mike Frank & James Weissinger double your delight with 60 minutes of that indescribable “Twinsy” sound: assorted afro-cosmica, bucket-hat balearica, contemporary conga, diligent Devo-derivatives, ebullient esoterica—along with an original TWINSIES tune that’s twice as nice and second to none. So down that double macchiato, kick back, and take in the full TWINSIES experience.

We promise: it’s two good to be true.

Love International – Airport of Love (Joakim Slow Version)
Zazou / Bikaye / Cy 1 – Lamuka
Saâda Bonaire – Shut the Door
Helen – Zanzibar (Afro Mix)
The Edge with Michael Brook – One Foot In Heaven
Cowboy Rhythmbox – Children of the Monolith
Chiemi Manabe ‎- Untotooku
The Style Council – The Lodgers (Or She Was Only a Shopkeeper’s Daughter) (Club/Dance Mix)
Testpattern – Modern Living
Spectral Display – It Takes a Muscle to Fall in Love (Crucial Three Edit)
Jexy – Only You
Luna Twist – Look Out (You’re Falling in Love Again)
TWINSIES – I Look Just Like My Twin
M – Pop Muzik (In Flagranti Unreleased Remix)

Listen to TWINSIES – I Look Just Like My Twin (Extended Club Mix): HERE

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