The Naked Cage // Hypercage Record Club 007

Making Time dancers all know the Hypercage—that bumpin’ bacchanalian box nestled between the cultural epicenter that is the Mezzanine bathroom line, and the equally vibrant 3rd floor meet-up spot we affectionately call the Trash Corner.

Pizza O’Clock? At this point, we’re all veterans of the 1 a.m. tradition of slamming slices as PURE PARTY FUEL to extend our freakish nighttime prancing and dancing.

But what about… THE NAKED CAGE?

Yes… THE NAKED CAGE. That muscled moment when Hypercagelings throw modesty to the wind and let loose as only JAH could have intended. Boxer briefs covering the ‘Cage cubicles, brassieres brazenly hanging from the Hyper-ceiling fan: a 3 a.m. throwdown reserved only for the gnarliest of Cage-ragers, bods, grods, n’ todds all on display with no telling WHAT will happen next.

HCR007… “THE NAKED CAGE” … attempts to recreate this mad moment of auto-neurotic abandon with scantily-clad sounds offered up by none other than your discreetly blindfolded ‘Cage caretakers… the Broadzilla Djs.

Chromatics, Tiga, Mu, Gameboyz, Wolfram—even William Onyeabor is witness to this carnal cacophony of naked cage-raving.

“People are so nude, I wish we all were rude”—Turn it on, take a cold shower, and DON’T call us in the morning.

The Gentlemen of the Hypercage Record Club


Archie Bronson Outfit – Dead Funny (Four Tet vocal mix)
Chromatics – Looking for Love
William Onyeabor – Body and Soul ( Whatever/Whatever remix)
Two Culture Clash feat. Ce’Cile and General Degree – Na Na Na Na
Gameboyz – Baile Magico
David Shaw and The Beat – Trance in Mexico (Justin Robertson’s Deadstock 33s Remix)
Mutsumi – Pimp Slap
The Knife – Got 2 Let U (Shaken-Up version)
The Barking Dogs feat Jessie Evans – Scientist of Love
Sixth Avenue Express – Clandestine
Tom Trago – The Elite
Tiga – Bugatti
Wolfram – Talking To You (Feat. Andrew Butler)
Adam Freeland – Morning Sun (Prins Thomas Diskomiks)

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