The LCD Soundsystem – ‘American Dream’ Listening Experience ! – Thursday 8/31 – @ The Barbary – Philadelphia

Dear Philadelphia…..

There’s really nothing more MAGICAL than that moment when you hear a song for the first time. When you hear that song and it enchants and captivates you and you immediately fall in love and just wanna hear it over and over and over again. It really is one of the greatest feelings in life, isn’t is ???
Well….I remember the very first time I heard my ALL TIME favorite LCD Soundsystem song ‘ALL MY FRIENDS’. I had played in London along with JDH on a Saturday in the winter of 2007 and that following day we decided to take a short trip to Glasgow for a MAGICAL Sunday nite at one of the greatest parties in the world, OPTIMO at the Sub Club. After missing my very first flight ever back to London the next morning following a wild nite with my friends Keith and Jonnie of OPTIMO at the Sub Club (and later in Jonnie’s studio where Jonnie and I may have engaged in an early morning shirtless wrestling match on his studio floor), JDH & I eventually made it back to London that nite to experience another one of the greatest parties in the world, the weekly Monday nite party Trash at The End in London, and my favorite DJ in the world…..Erol Alkan.

Each and every one of Erol’s sets I expereinced at TRASH are some of the most MAGICAL musical memories of my life, but this one, this one was truly the most special of all. As always, I danced my heart out to one of the best DJ sets I had ever heard in my life but as the nite drew to a close I completely lost my mind when Erol played one of my favorite songs of my youth, Sonic Youth’s ‘Teen Age Riot’. He mixed it with this long piano loop over top, which, when the vocal came in, sounded like a new LCD Soundsystem song that I had never heard before, maybe the best LCD Soundsystem I’ve never heard before and quite possibly the best song I’ve heard in years !!!
Of course I immediately raced to the DJ booth and asked Erol what this incredible piece of futuristic music was and, well….it was what would later become my favorite LCD Soundsystem song of all time…. ‘All My Friends’. A few songs later, after playing The Smiths ‘There Is a Light That Never Goes Out’ followed by David Bowie’s ‘Rock and Roll Suicide’, the two final songs each and every Monday at TRASH for most of it’s 10 year history, Erol raised the mic and announced that the final TRASH was upon us and just weeks away, in January 2007, TRASH would come to close.

I’ll never forget that MAGICAL nite, Philadelphia.

Well….I can’t wait to share that same FEELING with YOU, Philadelphia, when we share our FIRST EXPERIENCE of the new LCD Soundsystem record – ‘American Dream’ TOGETHER when Making Time presents the LCD Soundsystem – ‘American Dream’ Listening Experience at The Barbary THIS THURSDAY August 31st !
We’ll be playing the new LCD Soundsystem record for YOU in it’s entirety from 9-11pm, followed by futuristic sounds from me and your favorite Making Time resident raddlers.

Oh….and it’s FREEEEEE with OPEN BAR from 9-11pm !!!

Come get a little warmup in for our FINAL TRANSCENDENTAL futurisitc sound experience of the Summer of ’17 when I play ALL NITE LONG for YOU at The Dolphin THIS SATURDAY.

see you on the other side.

Dave P.

Making Time presents:

The LCD Soundsystem – ‘American Dream’ Listening Experience

This Thursday August 31st, 2017

@ The Barbary
951 Frankford Ave.
Philadelphia, PA

9pm-2am (We’ll be playing the record in it’s entirety from 9pm-11pm)

Making Time DJs from 11pm-2am !!!


Oh…and OPEN BAR with FREE Tecate while supplies last.

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