Hound of Zill Omen: A Zillas on Acid Back to the Beast Megamix

As you PATIENTLY wait for the postman to deliver your personal copy of the new Zillas on Acid 12” BACK TO THE BEAST, satisfy your Dangerous Techno Craving™ with this megamix of ZoA tracks, thoughtfully tossed together with favorite fellow … Continue reading

Zillas on Acid present… Demon Pudding Vs Bassline Allegiance

HELLO 2017. We get another go at it, Jah Robotech help us all. Concerned? Digi-dumpster dive a while with your faithful narrators as essential prep for our next gathering in the material realm–your acid fantasies align for Zillas on Acid, … Continue reading

100 Years of Solid Dudes Presents: GIRLS CHAT ROOM || Self-titled LP

Kill your Sims and ditch your friends: GIRLS CHAT ROOM returns to 100 Years of Solid Dudes with their new self-titled full-length LP. Milk, acid, anthropomorphic dolphins, 1-900 services, fleas, the pleasure of chewing, bubbles—across ten carefully crafted songs, GIRLS … Continue reading

Zillas on Acid present… NARX IN LOVE

ATTN: slowpokes, hi-hats, clones, drones, chicken sandwiches, sentient magazine clippings, potent mutants, vital minerals, anti-frackers, track-jackers, and camp counselors: We’re hard at work on our forthcoming Zillas on Acid 12”; in the meantime, things we play out, things we play … Continue reading

100 Years of Solid Dudes Presents: Aristotle Chipotle || Wine Cooler Country

100 Years of Solid Dudes proudly announces the start of summer with WINE COOLER COUNTRY, the debut single from ARISTOTLE CHIPOTLE. Visualize: your robotic pool cleaner PATIENTLY plumbs the depths to disinfect for summer goodtimes. Libations are distributed, various Balearic … Continue reading

100 Years of Solid Dudes Presents: Aufklärung Gang || Tanzen

Leipzig’s Aufklärung Gang provide the latest addition to the 100 Years of Solid Dudes family with “Tanzen.” Neon Raunch, Gedownloaden 100, the Arpeggiated Laughter of Life: “Ihr Drum-Maschine ist gebrochen, aber wen interessiert das?” Million-dollar mood music for confronting your … Continue reading

WKDU Presents: Zillas on Acid | Hot Mix 5/3/16

Zillas on Acid (@broadzilladjs) blessed the Hot Mix with 90 minutes of Furby-stroking cosmic grooves. Press play on this acid-laced voyage and get ready for upcoming Zilla DJ sets at Making Time and The Dolphin. Catch the Hot Mix every … Continue reading