nolan voiid – ENDLESS SAMENESS

VODERcast 038 – nolan voiid – Endless Sameness
A superbly fresh and brilliantly constructed mix of darker and deeply stomping dance music. Cleverly skirting nicely around the edges of multiple stylings of Techno and House and bound together with strong inclinations towards acid and tripped out ethereal grooves. The mixing here is absolutely spot on and undoubtedly helps lend to it being equally suitable for home listening and charged for a proper dance floor. Classic.

iron curtis – hands in the air [mirau]
NGLY – service cost HH2 [l.i.e.s.]
cliff lothar – running out of time [viewlexx]
mantra – pop ya head [bunker]
credit 00 – round n round [uncanny valley]
physical therapy – giving me life [unknown to the unknown]
hank jackson – track 3 [proibito]
towlie – this is a momenth (BMX edit)[wt]
beneath – wip [berceuse heroique]
tambien – der elf [esp institute]
marquis hawkes – sofa acid [creme]
achterbahn d’amour – holy romance empire (marcellus pittman remix)[acid test]
reflex – pad acid [lobster theremin]
cosmin trg – terminus abrupt (legowelt remix)[50 weapons]
L/F/D/M – greyscale [optimo trax]
unbalance – autumn [rawax]
hunee – folga [future times]
chris & cosey – driving blind [wax trax!]photo(2)

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