Making Time 17 w/ Jessy Lanza, Red Axes & Jacques Greene – Saturday 5/20 – @ Underground Arts – Philadelphia

Dear Philadelphia…..

The number 17 is responsible for, Insight, responsibility, self-discipline, strength, compassion, spiritual consciousness, and wisdom, a desire for peace and love for all of humanity.
Well….futuristic musical TRANSCENDENCE is a state of being that, when reached, encompasses all of these traits and aspirations of the number 17 and on Saturday May 20th, 2017, TOGETHER, we will reach PEAK levels of futuristic musical TRANSCENDENCE, when we celebrate 17 years of the Making Time America Lifestyle™ with Jessy Lanza (LIVE), Jacques Greene (LIVE) and Red Axes at Making Time 17 in all 3 rooms of Underground Arts with enhanced sound and lighting and an extended curfew until 3am to ensure peak levels of futuristic musical TRANSCENDENCE.

Join us for what will truly be the most TRANSCENDENTAL futuristic sounds experienece we have ever experienced TOGETHER, Philadelphia, on Saturday May 20th, 2017 at Making Time 17.

see you on the other side.

Dave P.

Making Time 17

Saturday May 20th, 2017

@ Underground Arts (IN ALL 3 ROOMS)
1200 Callowhill St.
Philadelphia, PA

9pm-3am (YES !!! 3am !!!)

with TRANSCENDENTAL futuristic sounds provided by:

Jessy Lanza (LIVE)


Red Axes (DJ set)

Jacques Greene (LIVE)


Kate NV

along with…..

Dave P.

and Making Time resident raddlers:

Mike Z. & Dave Pak

Zillas on Acid

Greg D.



OPEN BAR with FREE Tecate & Sailor Jerry Rum from 9-10pm !


Underground Arts
1200 Callowhill St.
Philadephia, PA

9pm – 3am

Advance tickets available starting Friday March 3rd at:


The Last Drop Coffeehouse @ 1300 Pine St.

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