Making Time with BICEP & Avalon Emerson - July 27th!

Dear Philadelphia……

During my 2018 Dave P. TRANSCENDENTAL European futuristic sound experience I took what the FRENCH call a TRANSCENDENTAL DEVIATION, or DETOUR, from my TRANSCENDENTAL PLAN which led me to Lyon and Nuits Sonores where I experienced the futuristic musical TRANSCENDENCE of Bicep & Avalon Emerson.
This TRANSCENDENTAL DEVIATION continued after some persuasion, well…to be honest it didn’t take much persuasion at all, from my friends Matt & Andy of Bicep to accompany them to Berlin where they would play Panorama Bar the following nite.
Needless to say, PEAK levels of futuristic musical TRANSCENDENCE were achieved.

So, Philadelphia….I’ve been meaning to tell you something for a long time, BUT…..then I embarked on my 2018 Dave P. TRANSCENDENTAL European futuristic sound experience where I found myself taking a few of these TRANSCENDENTAL DEVIATIONS and well, I simply forgot. Well….I have returned from the 2018 Dave P. TRANSCENDENTAL European futuristic sound experience and NOW it’s time for me to get my TRANSCENDENTAL PLAN BACK ON TRACK and so, I AM HERE TO TELL YOU that the next step in my TRANSCENDENTAL PLAN will be completed when we share a Making Time TRANSCENDENTAL futuristic sound experience TOGETHER with BICEP & Avalon Emerson on Friday July 27th in the Spectacular TRANSCENDENTAL PARA-Reality of the Warehouse on Watts at 923 N. Watts St.

Dear Philadelphia…..this is no TRANSCENDENTAL DEVIATION and in fact, this very well could be the ZENITH of my TRANSCENDENTAL PLAN.

see you on the other side.

Dave P.

Making Time

A TRANSCENDENTAL futuristic sound experience

Friday July 27th, 2018

@ Warehouse on Watts
923. N. Watts St.
Philadelphia, PA


with futuristic musical TRANSCENDENCE provided by:

BICEP (DJ set)

Avalon Emerson

Dave P.

and my fellow Making Time warriors of the nite…..

Zillas on Acid
Greg D.
Steven Vena


advance tickets are available here online here:

Tickets with NO SERVICE CHARGES are available at last drop @ 1300 Pine St. and at Repo Records @ 506 South St !!!

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