Making Time RADio with Dave P. on Rinse France


Dear everybody……

While in Paris during my 2018 Dave P. TRANSCENDENTAL European futuristic sound experience I paid a visit to the Rinse France studios where I recorded a mix for my friend and fellow warrior of the nite Remain’s Rinse France show that aired on Tuesday May 15th !

Experience the futuristic musical TRANSCENDENCE of my Rinse France guest mix here !!!

And here’s where you can experience the futuristic sounds this month:

Friday May 25th (5-6pm GMT): NTS Radio / London, UK

Friday May 25th: New Business: Simian Mobile Disco (3-hr DJ set), Dave P + more at The Pickle Factory / London, UK

Saturday May 26th: Javiera Mena en Bilbao – Hirian by BBK Live / Bilbao, Spain

Friday June 1 – Sunday June 3rd – Primavera Sound 2018 / Barcelona, Spain

Friday June 8th – Making Time with Carla dal Forno @ The Barbary / Philadelphia, PA

Thank you for listening !!!

see you on the other side.

Dave P.

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