Making Time Memorial Day Weekend RAD-B-Q w/ 2ManyDJs – 5.25.14 – Bamboo Bar


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Dear Philadelphia….

The Summer of ’14 is upon us and with it comes the RADDEST of Making Time traditions…..our Summer RAD-B-Q series at Bamboo Bar !!! The Summer RAD-B-Q’s are always very special times for us as we HYPER-RAGE under the stars to the futuristic sounds of Making Time, FISHBOWLS full of margaritas or some other form of alcohol in hand, with fake palm tress overhead while in the Bamboo Bar pool with the waters of the fake rock waterfall falling from above. Sounds MAGICAL, doesn’t it ??? Well…..YES !!! The Making Time Summer RAD-B-Q’s are MAGICAL. But….this Making Time Memorial Day Weekend RAD-B-Q at Bamboo Bar will be HYPER-MAGICAL because on Sunday May 25th we will be celebrating 14 Years of Making Time and I’ve invited my favorite DJs in the world to play for us…..2MANYDJS !!! 2MANYDJS are literally my favorite DJs of all time. They were the reason I started DJing and were a huge inspiration for me throughout the early years of Making Time and today hence they were are the perfect DJs to play for us to celebrate our 14th Year Anniversary of Making Time. I am genuinely so excited to have 2MANYDJS playing Making Time once again. Some of you may remember the last time 2MANYDJS played in Philadelphia on October 25th 2008. The Phillies were playing Game 3 of the World Series and we had 2MANYDJS and Soulwax Nite Versions playing at Making Time at Transit that nite. We projected the game on a screen behind the stage during the party and onto Soulwax Nite Versions while they played. During Soulwax Nite Versions set the Phillies won the game and 2MANYDJS (Dave & Steph Dewaele of Soulwax Nite Versions) played after. The Phillies went on to win the World Series that year. Well…as you can see SOMETHING GREAT happens when 2MANYDJS come to town and although the Phillies may not be bound for greatness this year, SOMETHING GREAT will happen in Philadelphia on Sunday May 25th when we celebrate 14 Years of Making Time at the Making Time Memorial Day Weekend RAD-B-Q with 2MANYDJS at Bamboo Bar.

see you on the other side.

Dave P.

ps. Get stoked for 2MANYDJS set with this HYPER-RAD visual mix they created for the best DJ mix EVER made – ‘As Heard of Radio Soulwax Pt.

Making Time Memorial Day Weekend RAD-B-Q

Sunday May 25th, 2014

@ Bamboo Bar
927 N. Delaware Ave.
Philadelphia, PA


with very special guests:


along with Making Time Resident raddlers:

Dave P. & Sammy Slice….UNITED
Mike Z. & Dave Pak (SORTED)
Greg D.

And….in the HYPER-CABANA:

Broadzilla (ALL NITE LONG !!!)

Video lights by Klip Collective

FREE Tecate & Heineken from 7-9pm !!!

$5 Sailor Jerry Half FISHOWLS from 7-9pm !!!

Food provided by Tommy Up’s new Tiki Bar / Restaurant…..The Yachtsman, with the HYPER-RAD chefs of Poi Dog Snack Shop !!!

and here’s The Yachtsman’s RAD-B-Q menu for the Making Time Memorial Day Weekend RAD-B-Q:

Hawaiian BBQ chicken, jicama slaw, ginger pickled jalapenos

beef dog, pickled green cabbage, sriracha mayo, furikake

veggie dog, pickled green cabbage, sriracha mayo, furikake

small-batch tofu, Hawaiian seaweed, red salt, sesame, chili pepper,
lime (vegan)
twitter/instagram/facebook Poi Dog Snack Shop


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