Making Time w/ Essaie Pas & Monika – This Saturday 3/26 – @ 714 – Philadelphia


Dear Philadelphia…..
Every so often I feel so overcome with excitement over an artist’s futuristic sounds that I decide to put my money where my mouth is and fly them over to Philadelphia to play Making Time with us. Well…..just a few weeks ago I bought 2 plane tickets for Marie Davidson and Pierre Yves Marie Guerineau of Essaie Pas. Their new record Demain Est Une Autre Nuit on DFA Records defines what I call futuristic sounds and is truly my favorite record of the year thus far ! THIS BAND REALLY IS SO FUCKING GOOD !!!The album’s title translates to “Tomorrow is Another Night” in English and Essaie Pas’s new record is the ULTIMATE soundtrack to the nite and for OUR nite TOGETHER at Making Time on Saturday March 26th. I can’t wait to experience Essaie Pas LIVE with YOU on Saturday March 26th , Philadelphia, at Making Time along with the Greek nouveau disco princess, Monika, who’s track “Secret in the Dark” has been the soundtrack to every HYPER-RAD Making Time futuristic musical party experience since it was released a few months ago !On Saturday, March 26th, 2016, TOGETHER, we journey further into this ALTERNATE MUSICAL DIMENSION, into THE FUTURE of futuristic sounds .COME WITH US .Love,
Dave P.Making TimeSaturday March 26th, 2016Essaie Pas


@ 714
714 West Girard Ave.
Philadelphia, PA


Along with…..

Dave P. & Sammy Slice….UNITED
Mike Z. & Dave Pak
Greg D.

FREE Tecate, Heineken & Sailor Jerry Rum Cocktails from 9-11pm !

$10 advance tickets available online here ->

or get tickets with NO SERVICE CHARGES at:

The Last Drop Coffeehouse @ 1300 Pine St.


The Dr. Martens Store @ 1710 Walnut St.

for more info, sights, and sounds:

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