Dave P’s closing set at the WKDU 2015 Electronic Music Marathon

Dave P of @makingtime represents what the EMM is all about: bringing people together through amazing music to have a great time. Dave is an absolutely killer DJ and we were honored to have him play the final slot of the marathon for the second year in a row. We’re going to keep him as our closer if that’s OK with you, Dave!!!

The 2015 Electronic Music Marathon was a 78 hour NONSTOP DJ marathon bringing together a diverse group of some of the best DJ talent in Philly to raise money for Mural Arts & WKDU. You can still donate to the EMM and find the full event details over at WKDU.org/EMM - thanks for your support! Until next year…


WKDU Philadelphia 91.7 FM
wkdu.org // wkdu.org/EMM
@wkdu (Twitter / Instagram)

Mastered by Alex Brickman - at.brickman@gmail.com


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