Broadzilla DJs: Zillas on Acid present… TEKNO DOGS

Zillas on Acid present… Tekno Dogs

RIYL: Demon Puddin’, Ultramodern Heartbreakers, Crystal Boy.

Big Miz, The Maghreban, Art of Noise, Pink of Skull, etc. etc.

A pattern emerges and collisions are just avoided: Let loose the Tekno Dogs.

Art of Noise – (Do) Donna (Do)
In Fields – Click Song
Damon Bell – Kampala (D^Bo Vershun)
The Maghreban – Wonder Woman
Pink Skull – Hideons
Kirk the Flirt & Peter Pressure – Temple Grandin
Zillas on Acid – Back to the Beast
Midland – For (Yacht) Club Use Only
Rex the Dog – Wasp Factory
Big Miz – Winger
Neville Watson – Deep Vee Douche (Don’t Be Afraid)
Rene Bendali – Tanki Tanki (Rabih Beaini edit)
Rabo & Snob – Harry Rama

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